Forty-Seven Million Drawings of St. Lucy/Santa Lucia

I thought St. Lucy would be a relatively straightforward image to create. Especially after discovering that St. Lucy was the same as Santa Lucia, of Swedish-girls-with-candles-on-their-heads fame, she looked like a simple celebration of light in the midst of December darkness. Light source plus eyes plus maybe some oxen and a dagger equals image.

Unfortunately, I am an expert at making the simple complicated. I started working on St Lucy back in mid-December, right after her feast day (Dec 13). Somehow the endeavor turned into an artistic anxiety-fest of self-doubt.












The fish, by the way, is a lantern fish. They have bio-luminescent spots. I like the idea of using those for light in the darkness. Eventually, I arrived at somethign I like, and have started drawing on the plates. To try to make the bio-luminescent spots shine correctly, I will be making the color plate first, and then basing the key plate off that (usually the key plate gets created first).


ps.  In my research, I discovered a Hungarian tradition of planting wheat on the Feast of St. Lucy. The wheat then sprouts by Christmas. It works!

20141215_101950 20141217_111631 20150102_211952


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